This page includes all the food, stat, crafting and key items. It does not include equipment.

Food ItemsEdit


Icon Name Effect Price
Kiwi Heals an ally for 300 HP 30
Pumpkin Heals an ally for 1500 HP 160
Coconut Heals an ally for 7000 HP 700
Watermelon Heals an ally for 40000 HP 6000


Icon Name Effect Price
Muffin Heals an ally for 50 MP 120
Cupcake Heals an ally for 200 MP 600
Sundae Heals an ally for 500 MP 1,600


Icon Name Effect Price
Cheese Heals an ally for 1600 HP and 160 MP 500
Fried chicken
Fried Chicken Heals an ally for 1600 HP and 160 MP 4,000
Crisps Heals all living party members for 25% of their maximum HP 1,000
Fries Heals all living party members for 50% of their maximum HP 50,000


Icon Name Effect Price
Beer Buffs an ally's attack by 70% 400
Softdrink Buffs an ally's accuracy by 70% 400
Energy drink
Energy Drink Buffs an ally's evade by 70% 400
Milk Buffs an ally's magic attack by 70% 400
Coffee Revives a fallen player with 30% HP 1000
Garlic Heals an ally's status problems 20

Very RareEdit

These items can only be purchased at the Rare Shop, located next to the Whitefall Food shop.

*Price doubles after each purchase

Icon Name Effect Price
Burger Fully heals an ally's HP and MP 1,000*
Pizza Fully heals party's HP and MP 1,000*
Orange juice
Orange Juice Buffs an ally's maximum HP by 70% 1,000*
Hot sauce
Hot Sauce Buffs an ally's magic attack by 70% 1,000*

Stat ItemsEdit

These items permanently increase the party member's stats. They can be found in chests all over the map and obtained as rewards from quests.

Icon Name Effect
Honeycomb Permanently increases HP by 2%
Ham Permanently increases attack by 2%
Cake Permanently increases magic attack by 2%
Lollipop Permanently increases accuracy by 2%
Sushi Permanently increases MP by 2%
Beef Permanently increases defence by 2%
Donut Permanently increases magic defence by 2%
Candycane Permanently increases evade by 2%

Crafting ItemsEdit

These items are used to upgrade equipment. They can be bought from item shops. However, Greenwood Village only sells up to Fine Fur and Whitefall Town only sells up to Geodes while Goldenbrick Resort and Battle Mountain sell all materials.

Name Description Price
Snowball Pretty common and net very useful. 20
Ogle Berries They taste alright but they'll make you sick. 25
Wool I guess you make a sweater out of this. 30
Turnip A nutritious snack for poor people. 35
Brick Put them together to build a house or something. 40
Seaweed A plant which lives in water. 50
Microcontroller Programmable to suit your needs. 60
Bug Wing A light and transparent wing, dropped by some insect. 70
Dirt Ball A chunk of very high quality dirt. 80
Blank CD Might even be a DVD, it's hard to tell. 100
Tentacle Ewww, it's slimy and sticky. 110
Bad mushroom May cause hallucinations and vomiting if eaten. 150
Sea Shell Some creatures used to live in this. 180
Red LED Lights up your world. 200
Iron Ore A rock with the potential to become something better. 220
Red Feather Collect a bunch and you can build a bird, maybe. 250
Shuriken Deals wind damage to a single target. May poison the target. 300
Springy Spring Used in mechanical machine parts. 330
Soft Wood A pleasant type of wood used for decorations. 360
Hand Bomb Deals bomb damage to a single target. May stagger the target. 400
Cactus A sticky plant that holds a lot of water. 420
Chain Link Collect a bunch of these to make a chain. 470
Gash Nut You'd probably die trying to eat these. 550
Concrete Works well with all those bricks you've saved up. 620
Paper Talisman A magical charm used to ward off evil spirits. 700
Lanky Root Looks worthless but actually has some healing properties. 750
Gunpowder Explosive posder used to, well… explode things. 800
Amber Maybe you can pretend it's a rare gemstone. It's not. 850
Glass It's solid, yet crystal clear. 900
Fine Fur Fluffy fur from some unlucky animal. 950
Rainbow Gems Some small gems that look like candy. Better not to eat them though. 1,000
Liquid Ice A rare form og ice only found in warm climates 1,100
Solid Water A rare form of water only found in cold climates. 1,200
Steel Plate A powerful yet reasonably affordable crafting material. 1,400
Magma Sample A bottled sample of molten earth. 1,800
Curly Horn An unusually large and curly horn. 2,000
7-Segment Display Can be used to display your power level. 2,200
Silk Fine silk for fancy clothing. 2,500
Plastic A futuristic material with many applications, from soft clothes to solid armor. 2,800
Bio Virus probably not a good idea to keep this in your pocket. 3,000
Solid Spike A rock hard spike, broken off some huge monster. 3,500
Dragon Scales Hardened dragon skin used for armor. 4,000
Pink Potion A high quality perfume made from rare flowers. 4,200
Bubble Stone A glowing stone containing the essence of water. 4,500
Jungle Flower A rare flower with an extraordanary scent. 4,800
Silver Plate Not quite gold, but still pretty valuable. 5,000
Amethyst Crystals are said to heal people, but it's just a scam. 5,200
Bottled Darkness Best be careful with stuff like this. 5,600
Satin A really posh material used for dresses and such. 6,000
Geode A natural crystal formation, found in nature. 7,000
Ruby A red and fiery gem. 8,000
Emerald A green and tranquil gem. 9,000
Topaz A yellow and glittering gem. 10,000
Gold Plate A pretty material which signifies wealth. Not very strong though. 12,000
Plasma Ball Contains thunderbolts and can power large machines. 17,000
Dark Rune A mysterious artifact said to have fallen from the sky. 20,000
RAM Chip Something your computer really needs. 25,000
Opal A rare and colorful stone. 30,000
Mercury It's a solid, but it's also a liquid?! 40,000
Titanium An incredibly strong crafting material. 80,000
Diamond Devalued a bit since the discovery of even stronger materials. 92,000
Dark Matter A mysterious yet vital form of matter which holds galaxies together. 100,000
Plutonium Core Highly regulated material used for nuclear weapons. 104,000
Elixir of Life A legendary potion said to grant immortal life. 112,000
Mythril Shards A mythical and unbreakable material used in the finest weapons. 120,000

Key ItemsEdit

Key items are used for completing quests and progressing through the game and will not be carried over to your next playthrough.


These items are required to progress through the game.

Name Description
Thermal Boots Allows the party to walk on magma. It still hurts though.
Leafy Boots Allows the party to walk on lily pads.
Winged Boots Allows the party to walk through the air on clouds.
The Stepladder Allows the party to fix some gaps in broken bridges.
The Axe Allows the party to cut down small trees which block paths.
The Hammer Allows the party to smash boulders which block paths.
The Candle Allows the party to see better in the dark.
Battery Use this to power up machines in the factory.
Blood Orb Use this to open temple doors in the ruins.


These items are required for unlocking blocks, which usually block the players path to chests.

Name Description
Copper Key Use this to remove a single Copper Block from the map.
Steel Key Use this to remove a single Steel Block from the map.
Gold Key Use this to remove a single Gold Block from the map.
Coral Key Use this to remove a single Coral Block from the map.


These items are used from completing quests or are obtained from completing quests.

Name Description
Panites It won't hurt to carry around a spare pair.
Red Scoll It's written in some ancient language. Better give this to someone who knows more about it.
Dino Fossil Take it to the lab and watch it not do anything.
Cat Food Even dogs like it.
Bacon Oh my god, it's bacon!
Chocolate Cornet Not sure which end you eat first…


Key item locations

A map of all the essential key item locations. Click to enlarge.